Who is Klaas Bil? (as far as unicycling is concerned)*

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This picture of my daughters and me was taken in October 2000, close to where we live (Zoetermeer, The Netherlands).

From left to right: Minke (then 9), Klaas (then 47) and Jorga (then 11). Or for those more geared towards hardware: Semcycle XL 20", Semcycle Standard 24", Showtime 20". Click here for a larger picture (157 kB).

Jorga began riding in February of that year, Minke and myself got started in September. I used to practise clinging to c.q. riding along the conveniently placed blue railings in the background. As Minke nor I were able to freemount at the time, we must have started at that bridge just prior to the moment this pic was taken.


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