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Some of my pastimes (insofar online):

The official website of
Folk music group Mista

(in which I play percussion and sing)

Website only available in Dutch
https link to the same content

All things unicycling
My website on unicycling, an endlessly challenging sport.

Dutch Unicyling Championship,
Archive 2010-2019

(website only available in Dutch)

In 2010, I initiated the first Nederlands Kampioenschap Eenwieleren (Dutch Unicycling Nationals). I have been the main organiser of this event from 2010 - 2019. The above link directs to the archive website of those years, and includes official results, participant lists, photos, rules and much more.

Since 2020, the event is organised by Stichting Eenwieleren Nederland (Unicycling Foundation Netherlands), of which I am a board member.


Read more about the Echelon thingy in my e-mails and Usenet posts (now obsolete), and download the software!



Ever to be expected: my music activities outside folk music.

Ever to be expected: genealogy of families Bil, Klont, Heijloo and Sachs.