Unicycling in the Dutch Mountains, 25-26-27 juni 2004

Deze pagina in het Nederlands


Like in previous years, a unicycling weekend was held in Limburg, the Netherlands. This year for the eighth time, but for the first time under a new name. And not two, but even three days full of unicycling and fun. 

Reports of previous editions are here.

Information and registration for these unicycling weekends: www.jongleercollectief.nl.


Although not everyone had arrived yet on Friday afternoon, a first MUni trip was held at 5 o'clock, with a few staircases halfway. For late arrivers, or those who wanted to go again, it was repeated in the evening. Ardjan hops up. 


Friday night in the large tent a Renegade was held with small performances of all who wanted (and earned free beer). This is Geert, hopping in between the clubs being passed between Frank and Ron. 


The oldest and youngest participants (Feline (6.5 months) en Jan (65?)).


Other camping guests came to watch our show and were "urgently invited" to perform themselves as well: the well-known chair trick (they've just tumbled down). 


The next day (Saturday) we had to wake up at 6:30 from our hard camping mattrasses, in order to arrive at Snowworld in time. They only allowed that herd of unicyclists goofing around on their pistes early in the morning. 


Waiting in the hall of Snowworld for the last riders to arrive while admission cards are being arranged. 


Bram riding down one of the steepest slopes (except for the halfpipe).


The trick on such a steep section is to keep pedaling, even if all of your instincts tell you otherwise (Martijn).


Jorga doing a one-footed idle in the hard snow of the rollout section of the halfpipe.


Klaas riding a series of ski jumps.


Frank heightens the effect by jumping 30 - 40 cm (12 - 16") in the air.


Back from Snowworld: this is what the camping on the Gulpenerberg ("mountain of Gulpen") looked like.


Some juggling on the camping: Jorga and Ardjan passing clubs. 


Time for trials! A course had been built near the outdoor cafe of the camping. We drew quite a lot of spectators. A car, tyres, tree stumps, large and small beams, staircases, pallets and a lot more. Frank sidehops up the beam but did he make it on top of the car? 


Tobit on the car roof.


Me (Klaas) doing a 40 cm drop onto gravel which is about the max I could ride out of.


Me again, on a few sandwich boards.


The MUni trip of Saturday afternoon. Jorga rides down a steep descent. 


Of course we also encountered bits of level (although still bumpy) terrain. Sander leads the pack 


Back at the camping we first went for a well-earned swim (it was quite hot), and then it was time for the traditional barbecue. 


Saturday night, after the soccer match (Netherlands - Czech Republic) had ended, we held our official fire show, including some acts without fire. All camping guests were invited to watch, free of charge. This is a shot from the acrobatics series by Tobit and Jorga.


Besides acts with fire clubs and burning ropes, an act with fire devil sticks was featured. 


Geert flying about in this fire coat, of which the entire lower edge was set on fire


Around one o'clock everything was more or less silent, and about 2:30 all were asleep. The next day, Sunday, saw us in skate hall The Promise in Landgraaf to stunt and fumble. 


Fifty unicyclists took ownership of the entire skate hall. The smooth and predictable surface of the various obstacles was quite grippy, allowing for many a crazy stunt. The metal edges were somewhat narrow, therefore grinding was not easy. 


Frank riding down a railing.


Bram and Ardjan riding down a curved slope. On the video from which this still was captured, it looked very much like ballet


Tobit doing a little jump at the end of a steep slope (which he rode up with a lot of momentum)



Jorga drops off a 40 cm edge - and rides out of it. 


Group shot. Some have donned the T-shirt of this weekend event.


Did Kris attend our event? Well, with his fully-featured KH24, his KH leg armour and the facial similarity (or is it? I never met Kris in person) he may look like Kris, but this is really Ernst. 


After the skate hall we had about an hour for lunch and various other things, after which we departed for Valkenburg, to do a trip focusing on staircases, from short to very long. This young German girl could become a real crack! 


Jorga riding down one of the last staircases in Valkenburg. 


Klaas riding down an easy set of stairs. Difficult enough for me as it is, but not for Ardjan who one-foot wheelwalks down! 


After all this we returned to the camping to pull down the tents. After quite a long wait we had dinner in the camping restaurant. Then the hardest part of the weekend arrived: saying farewell, exchanging website URL's and email addresses. But fortunately we could say "See you next year!" 

This report was mainly written by Jorga, pictures by Klaas (and four by Jan Werdler)


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