What is my current MUni weather?

 Deze pagina in het Nederlands

I hate riding in rain. Or really, I simply hate to be in rain whatsoever. So if it rains I don't ride, full stop.

I've collected various weather pictures that are automatically updated and should give my actual MUni weather. (Note: they also work when I'm not riding.) Clicking any pic will take you to that weather site.

The WeatherPixie Click for Rotterdam, Netherlands Forecast
Explanation: For my translation and explanation of this graphic click here.

Temp deg C;    Rel Humidity %;     Time
Wind dir; Speed km/h; Pressure mmHg

Actual? Updates every hour Updates every hour if you're lucky. The sky color updates more frequently during dusk and dawn. Updates 1 - 3 times per hour
Source: www.weerkamer.nl www.weatherpixie.com www.wunderground.com
Where? Averaged over the Netherlands Rotterdam Airport, 15 km South of where I live. Rotterdam Airport, 15 km South of where I live.
Notes: Dutch site, includes actual rain radar animations. During night hours, actual moon phase is shown if cloud cover permits - fancy huh? Also the color of the sky goes through various shades during dusk and dawn. And the little boy (some think it's me with a different hairdo) even wears clothes appropriate for the weather! Wunderground has very extensive data on their site: numerical, graphs, maps. See this example referring to a place just 8 km from my favourite MUni grounds (which are here).


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