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This page is going to contain more stuff but for now the only thing is my Harbinger Extreme Gloves 110G wrist guards.

(This text is almost identical to what I posted on the Product Reviews forum on www.unicyclist.com.)

Basically the Harbinger Extreme Glove is a half-fingered glove that is fixed securely in place by wrapping a broad leather strap around the wrist and securing it with a long Velcro patch. Integrated in the design is a resilient plastic splint that protrudes from the hand palm, while towards the arm the splint continues all the way till the end of the leather for added support. The inside of the hand is all leather, with additional leather reinforcement where it matters. The outside of the hand is a medium-tight woven elastic type of fabric. It breathes the sweat away but offers little protection - I haven't yet needed any protection on the outside though.

The gloves impose some restriction on the movements of the hands, but they allow me to securely grip the handle of my Velo KH seat without discomfort. What's more, they might even add comfort due to the leather in between, effectively softening the edge of the handle. Also, thanks to the half fingers I can easily dig up a handkerchief from my cycle shorts' little pocket and blow my nose, if I want to be civilised on the trail. The only thing that is difficult is to look at my wrist watch - but it goes under the wrist wrap just fine.

This gear is very well made IMHO. With my hand in its natural position it fits so precisely as if it was cast around my very hand. In the photo above you see some large wrinkles on the outside but that is because I twist my hand because I had to make the photo myself. After seven months of light to moderately intense use there is some wear, but I'd say they have at least 75% of their lifetime left.

Of course, wrist guards are primarily about PROTECTION. Well I can say, they have saved my wrists (and palms) on several occasions. I remember the first big rescue they did was when I cranked up a steep and rocky trail. I thought my top pedal was over the dead spot and so I started pushing it down at full force. But something held up the wheel and all of that pushing power went backwards. The uni shot from under me at lightning speed! Instinctively I stretched my arms to the ground and the Harbingers did their work. Some scratches on the plastic were the only proof that the event happened.

I give them a 9 out of 10.


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