The unicycling Talent-o-meter

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For all respondents who contributed to my 'How long does it take to learn riding?' page, I calculated by which percentage they learned faster or slower than the model prediction. (No, that list is not published.) It occurred to me that many of the relatively fast learners also belong to the most overall talented unicyclists. (Not so strange really. If you learn the basics fast, chances are that you'll learn the difficult moves faster too.)

Using said percentage as a proxy for unicycling talent, I have designed another spreadsheet. Download (12 kB), unzip it and follow the instructions in readme.txt. (You need Excel 4.0 or higher.) It boils down to answering a few questions (age, hours practiced, wheelsize, etc). Instantaneously you will get your personal talent score and a note about it. As a bonus, a ready-made write-up is generated with your entered data to e-mail to me in order to help me extend the database and refine the prediction model. 

Screenshot of talent.xls (with my own data).

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