Performance of Sem and Teresa Abrahams

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Our unicycle club Unifun_2000 in the Netherlands is loosely associated with Semcycle. In April 2001, Sem and Teresa Abrahams gave an informal presentation in our gym. The pics and video clip below are published here by courtesy of Henk van der Meij, with kind permission from Sem and Teresa.

Click on a picture for a larger version, these are between 30 and 50 kB.

Teresa doing an impeccable wheel walk.

Edwin Kuppens (instructor at the club) demonstrating a sidemount in which his leg goes round the seat 1.5 times (or was it 2.5 times?) before getting seated.

Sem coasting in a circle with one foot in the air.

Sem has also tried coasting with both feet in the air as you can see on John Foss's page of Things not to do on a unicycle (scroll to #3).

Sem and Teresa doing the "pièce de résistance" of their show. The animated gif on the Semcycle websites (in English or Dutch) is derived from this. The English website features more high flying acrobatics from this dazzling duo.

This videoclip (16 seconds, 2.62 MB) shows part of the acrobatic manoeuvres to get at the above. Quite remarkable in itself.

This videoclip (2 seconds, 553 kB) shows Sem doing a side ride. Is there anything he can't do? This is a level 10 skill in the IUF and USA skill levels. In the IUF skill level description, this is the only skill that is not required to transition out of and into riding because it was deemed 'impossible' at the time the levels were designed. The USA skill levels don't allow this exception.

This videoclip (5 seconds, 1.06 MB) shows Teresa riding forward, makes a backspin and then transitions into riding backwards one-footed in a circle.


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