Unicycling in the Dutch Mountains, 24-25-26 June 2005

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Like in previous years, this year again saw a unicycling weekend in Limburg, the hilliest Dutch province. Three days of unicycling and general fun, this year for the ninth time (next year a jubilee edition!). Here I collected a few pictures in the categories of MUni, City, Skatehall and Various.

My reports of earlier years are here.

Sites of others with photo's from the 2005 event are here (some are not yet active):

Information about (and registering for) these uni weekends see: www.jongleercollectief.nl.


CATEGORY MUNI (Mountain UNIcycling)

Descent alongside Snow World in Landgraaf. This was steeper and bumpier than might come across from the photo.


Luc hopping up a staircase in the woods near Valkenburg.


Rob on a fun downhill. He has been unicycling only since October 2004 (eight months).


Laurens at the same spot but on the stairs.


A hefty drop of over two metres. This is Frank, about to jump...


...and this is where he comes down a second later (riding out of it). (Stills from a video.)


CATEGORY CITY TRIAL (obstacles in the city)

Does Walter have Jesus powers? He rides on water.


Frank halfway a "360" (whole turn in the air), jumping down this set of stairs..


Klaas rolling up a not too steep set of stairs in Heerlen.


Paul just starting to ride down a staircase.


From a rolling jump, Frank landed a pedal grab on this ledge, then jumped back onto the street.


Klaas riding down a staircase in Valkenburg.


Frank tries riding down these stairs backwards, but couldn't get more than five or six steps in a row..



Ben (aged 4) on a 16" unicycle with training device. He was comfortable with keeping side-to-side balance, but fore-aft balance is maintained by his father. Made by Semcycle.


Jorga on her first skinny.  Pamina and Arend provide "just that little bit of" additional support.


Klaas rolling up a rather steep grade. The secret is called "speed".


Frank dropping almost two metres to flat, and joyfully riding out of it.


Luc practicing his crankhangs, or was he jumping to rubber at once?


Sonja, one of our top riders from Germany, performs a long "stillstand" (i.e. without rolling forward or backward) on this skinny railing, but eventually doesn't ride down



To brake, pull the fire-breathing dragon!


A new form of math: unicycle plus skateboard equals recumbent cycle.


The big party on Saturday night was enlivened with a swinging 30-piece samba band. Geert, the organiser of our MUni weekend, plays the snare drum (in white shirt, on the right). The drums on the far right hand side are no musical instruments but are part of the trials set-up that we had built on the camping site.


A random picture of the traditional fire show on Saturday night.


Photo's by Klaas and Paul. 


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