Mountain Unicycle weekend Zuid-Limburg 2003

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Every year a Mountain Unicycling weekend is organised in Limburg. Here is a little photo report of the 7th edition (28 & 29 June, 2003). 

Information and registration for these unicycling weekends:, then click Aktiviteiten. 

John Bruinen also has some photos on his site.


When we all had arrived on the camping and set up our tents, we went on a first ride.


Waiting for everyone to arrive before carrying on. The first ride was easy to get used to it. 


We encountered a few difficult downhills. Here's Jorga.


Klaas descending the same downhill. 


A trail with lots of roots to roll or jump over. 


Back on the camping some enjoyed hopping up and down stairs. Laurens rides the stairs, François is on his way to do the same. 


A quick lunch on the camping and back on the seat for the second ride of Saturday. 


Now it was time for a second trip. 


John rides a log. I (Klaas) have also ridden this log a couple of meters, but I mounted halfway with support. 


The Alex DM wheel of François. He stated that this spoke pattern provides more lateral strength. True or not, it certainly is distinctive! 


For those who wanted, there were a few steep trails to ride down. 


Back at the camping some weren't tired enough and built a little trials course. 


A delicious barbecue for dinner. 


Parking lot.


After the barbecue all kinds of everything was lit, such as torches, jumping ropes, a helmet, a diabolo, and lots more. 


A burning jumping rope forming a 'dome' around the jumper. 


At midnight we rode a procession through the village of Gulpen, every rider carring a torch. 



The next day would see a lot of riding. 


A steep slope for the die-hards. I (Klaas) had my inclinometer with me but forgot to use it. Afterwards I estimate the grade to be close to 45° (100%) . Here's John descending it without falling. 


Lots of stairs to ride in the tourist town of Valkenburg. Here's François in his umpteenth attempt at this staircase which is 100's of meters long.


John on another set of stairs, quite photogenic.


Jorga rode this staircase almost from the top to the bottom without falling (video still).


Klaas rode parts of this staircase as well. Or, really, not quite as well... (photo Huub Doppen.)


After a long and tiring trip everyone grabbed himself together in the shade, and then went for lunch around 14:30. 


After lunch there was another trip to Landgraaf for 'volunteers', but because of the heat there were only a few. Those staying on the camping could have a swim, practice trials or whatever

That was the end of a fat cool weekend in Limburg on the unicycle. 

Text mainly by Jorga, photos by Klaas (except two).

More photos, high-resolution versions or video clips on request (for participants). 

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