Mountain Unicycle weekend Zuid-Limburg 2002

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On 29 and 30 June 2002, the Mountain Unicycle weekend South Limburg took place. 't Was said that it was the 6th edition of this "national" event, but for me it was a first. Initially Jorga would join me but she had other obligations (theater performance).

There were about 25 participants. Ages ranged from about 7 to 60+. I knew no-one but that turned out not to be a problem at all.

Most participants knew each other from riding in a gym, and from juggling. Many rode 20" unicycles with indoor-type tyres. Almost no-one used a helmet. Therefore, as a beginner MUni'er I fitted easily into the group, and could generally keep up well enough.

The weekend was a blast. I'm already looking forward to join next year. Kudos for Geert and Rob for the smooth organisation of a terrific weekend!

Below are my photos of the weekend. I myself feature on just a few of them. Also, there are few action shots because I was too busy riding. Click on each photo for a larger version (and then your "Back" button to return). The photos have been compressed quite strongly to reduce loading times.

Ferko Adamczyk also made pictures  (and had a few made by others), click here.


A rest stop on Saturday morning. This ride went through the woods on the hill bordering the camping. The trails chosen were not that difficult, just to get used to it. (This is a paved road, but obviously we rode mainly on unpaved trails.)


Lunch on the camping. We had these party tents set up for the whole weekend but there were barely a few drops of rain (even unnoticed by some).


In the afternoon we made another ride starting at the camping (no photos). Now we descended the hill (Gulpenerberg) via a broad but bumpy path, then climbed it again via a paved rather steep road. On the top of the hill we took a long "rest" and some practiced their gliding. In this technique you have no feet on the pedals. You brake the tyre with the sole of your shoe, keeping your balance by adjusting the force. For advanced riders, and currently way beyond me.

Later that afternoon we had a swim in the camping pool, and we built and raced an official Unicycle Obstacle Course (on grass). Fastest rider: Tobit, 22 seconds something.

On the photo above: Saturday night's BBQ.


Late on Saturday night, after a nerve-racking match of unicycle basketball on the basketball field of the camping, some tea-warmer light were set up in a large circle. In it, anyone willing to show off his skills in fire juggling, glowing balls etc could go ahead. Here you see Geert, flag-waving a "burning" flag: woosh woosh!


Tobit, just about to squirt a half litre of lamp oil from a Super Soaker through a torch flame. Result: a flash flame of at least 5 metres long: WOOSH! He did it a number of times but I did not get the photo timing right.


Geert again, juggling a fire stick with two burning ends.


Juggling burning torches. Rob at left. 

About 5 litres of lamp oil was used in the show.


Here you see a bit of torch passing.

I had also made a picture of Geert rope-skipping with a burning rope. Quite an eerie sight but too difficult to get on film.


We camped on a separate ground at the back end of the camping on the Gulpenerberg. My tent is the single-pole design almost in the centre.

When we traversed the camping as a group of 25 unicyclists we attracted quite some attention.


Ah, it's me! Here I am on the top of the hill near Landgraaf, that we rode up on Sunday morning (and afternoon). To the left (for the viewer), the Pinkpop site is located.


Most parts of the main rides were not overly difficult. When we were at a difficult section, we would often stop so that all of us could try and ride them down (or up?). This is me again, on a steep bit down.


And once more, because I wasn't sure if the camera worked OK.


Lunch on the parking lot of Snowworld near Landgraaf. Snowworld is an indoor skiing centre, built on an artificial hill of coal mine waste. In Zoetermeer where I live, we also have an establishment of Snowworld, and also in a park laid out on artificial hills (of building waste). That is my favourite MUni'ing area, so I felt completely at home here.

The slope you see in the top right corner runs from the top of the hill down to this parking lot. After lunch I succeeded to ride it down without ever falling.


Here we went straight down from the hill cutting right across the paths, on a slope of grass and gravel. Do you see all three riders?


This trail was the "dessert" of the weekend, or the pièce de résistance. A long steep descent, with lots of roots sticking out, and many slippery bits. If you weren't good at riding, you'd better walk this (as I did) in order not to be in the way of others. Here's Pamina coming down - in full control.


And at the same spot we see Laurens descending. Next year I can do this too, or so I hope. There was only one rider (Maarten-Jan IIRC) who did this whole descent without a single fall.

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